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Voting not working properly

Offline anyasamara

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So...tried to vote ~40 minutes ago and it said I could vote again in 5hrs and 53 minutes iirc. Except I'd just woken up at that point, and also my account didnt get credited or anything like that.

Tried seeing what it said just now, and apparently I can vote again in 2hrs and 12 minutes??? I'm so confused rn...


I just voted and it's not broken for me.

Offline Ivan

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I've had this problem too, but even if the page doesn't load I usually get my gold
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Offline anyasamara

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Well I havent got any gold and it's still telling me I have to wait...so I guess I'll just wait it out.

Online Agatio

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Reset your router and check again.

Offline anyasamara

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So I reset my router and my broadband box died in the process so I got a new one. Bad news being its still saying I cant vote for another 3 3/4 hours.  ???

Edit: waited about ten minutes or so and it seems to have fixed itself for now o.o so problem solved, somehow, I guess =P
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