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Exquisite - Epic Perfect World | Assassin PvP

New video as requested, tilted my render settings a bit and got a really good result from it. Quality improved a little as it was already pretty high.

Hope you enjoy !


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  • How is life this easy?

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wow... i wanted to be first  :'(

Nice video cutie  :normal-8:

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What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly.


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Bad video, bad gameplay, bad sin, bad e-date. jk meng nice video as always whale

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That title you have is pretty sexy  :-X
How can i get one ?  :-\

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thanks for not embarrassing me that much  :normal-48: jk it was fun and i had no clue u were recording
music is dope like i told u be4
no doubts one of best sins, BUAAAHAHAHA (ur laugh btch)
u r best non-husband i ever had  O:-)

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master! pls share with me your editing skills q.q
good video and op as always

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My idol you amaze me in this video ... I like it a lot...  ^-^ ^-^

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Amazing gameplay , nice survivals in mass PK , that was a good one tbh.
Good 1vs1's aswell. Well played bro

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You just went ape sh*t  :police:
good video

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That title...


Seriously, nice video and music though.
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