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Welcome to the server. I'm guessing the character would already be leveled up then but you may still need guides on how to make certain things though. There is plenty of guides here for literally almost everything so I think you'll be okay. People on this server are also very helpful and friendly. We have a nice set of Gm's as well. (=
Feel free to pm if you need help with anything.

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Hi, welcome to Epic.
There are lots of good BMs on server; I think it's widely agreed that Subzeroo is the best.
However, there's also a few others (that I'll let other people name).
You should pm them; I'm sure they won't have anything against helping someone learn.

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Pm Pedja, best wr atm

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Those wr's mentioned above are far from being best, best wr's of this server are Insanity, Silence, Savi(Both mass PK and 1v1) and Robbert (best 1v1 wr, unmatched, undefeated) but all of them are inactive so you should try pming Pedja or Subzeroo (good wr's but not best) since they're big :3'er and likes to help people ^_^ :3  :police:
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Oh.. thank you guys so much
i'm on phone atm, ill be pming them whenever i can log.


Welcome to epw! hope you like it here  ^-^

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I'm new to EpicPW a friend gave me his BM since he quit anyway
 looking for a faction and a BM mentor to teach me how stuffs going on here, i used to BM/SIN/BARB on PWI LostCity. Thank you. :smiley:

He changed his name n didn't tell me xD. Now he quit :/ probably his job got pretty busy for him to play. I am still on his friendlist, so you can pm Rankira if u need any help.  :tiger-46: