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Forge vs Spirit of the Forge

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This question is mostly directed towards Agatio, but player input would be alright.

Is the regular gear reforge's %'s different than those of the Spirit of the Forge? Agatio told us recently that times during the server has no bearing on the rolls given.

However, what about the normal forge vs spirit of the forge?

I used over 200 tries on my wrists in the spirit of the forge without any luck of x3 interval.

I then used the normal forge and got them within 5 rerolls.

Coincidence or are the %'s higher for these "desirable stats" when you don't have the option to keep the previous reroll?

Please input on this Agatio, thank you.
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I'm pretty sure it's a coincidence. The % in the regular forge and spirit of the forge is exactly the same. So it's all your luck, bad or good :)

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They are using same crafting recipes and same gear IDs, so the chance is same. The only difference is enabled setting that lets you save old stats.