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Artifex vs Warning 01/04/15

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Just some PVP footage from yesterday at HHV.

There was another PK roughly an hour later , which was longer and better , but this video was already rendering so i was unable to record that one.

Enoy   :normal-25:

never replace your guild with randoms

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And I thought we had a lot of eps..

Snertastic video Sner.  :police:


Nice video bro
It was good PK allaround

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I miss pks .. Soon exams will over  :-X

Good video man .. Good job on killing enemy :P
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Noooooo. I was sleeping and I missed it.  :sad:

Goodie video sir Sner. Good job team.

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Was good pk :) nice video.
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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Jesus man, I was going in hard. Tanking hits in China o; nice video and 0 deaths.

Sorry Angela for having you chase me LOL

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Nice video, good music.


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Eww disappointing music.
I mean nice video <.<

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Good video, I especially like it because it has the ending if you look on the mini map there is no red dots in site, just blue, just Artifex.

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nice video , liked the music too :-X

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amazing video will be back in pw soon

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