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If the one pass for NW is gonna be given soon why not makes passes for the nation your originally get teleported for example flame pass let's say you get into flame and you dc the flame pass stays in your inventory for 2 hours allowing you to re enter flame as many times as you want this could also he useful in case someone runs out of charm or gets their gear broken
harpist or harpissed?

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+1 this is the best suggestion on this topic so far.


fine !
idk didnt check date codes for nw
but i guss Aga can do it or idk --->
Base Flame and Frost got id code !
make a random code
if Flame is code 1 and Frost is code 2 ( for example)
when someone get pass and wana enter nw just go to code 1 or 2 on random selection so dont need delete light/dark base cuz as aga said will see some nice happen :DDDDD
im not sure about these code but in this week i'll make a server to test it =\
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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I wish it was possible, but it's not without game source.


I wish it was possible, but it's not without game source.
google ftw?