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Happy Birthday PedroSner!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday best leader of best guild!!!!

 :tiger-23: :tiger-23: :tiger-23:

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  • Marijuana is g00d. ♥
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im better than u. happy bday

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What's mine is yours and whats yours, well i've probably already had.
Maybe an uncle, grandpa, grandma, ex gf, highschool teacher, Walmart coworker, McDonald employee, your dentist, dying sister, mom, dad, the crackhead around the corner, your edates ex, you ex edates ex edates boyfriend,  sister's cousin's cousin's dog, father's uncles grandmother, your weedman, coke dealer.

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Happy Birthday Pedrobot<3 I hope you have best birthday. :*

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Happy Birthday sner, i love you like a man loves a woman <3
Forever in love

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  • Let the games begin! The mysteries disappear and life stands explained.
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  • Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.
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Happy Birthday sir Sner  :police:

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you are not good. :police: :police: :police: :police: happy birthday

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follow my birthday u are good

happy birthday  :normal-25: :normal-25:

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Happy birthday SedroPner, hope you have a good day!

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  • easy game
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Always remember who won the last battle & made you disband

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  • Eros <3
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Happy birthday Pedro!!!  :tiger-44: :tiger-23:

Thanks Leonora for beautiful art. ♥

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