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Players are placed into two random teams to compete against each other.


Players will dig the chests in Sandsong Village (when spawned) and be positioned into a randomly generated team.
Teams will then battle against each other for the win.


Only your squad buffs are allowed.
Spirit pots are NOT allowed.
Stealth can only be for 8 seconds at a time.
Rainbow Squads are NOT required.
EVERYTHING else is allowed.


Each round will last 7 Minutes.
After 7 minutes the team with the most remaining players wins.
If the amount of remaining players is equal after the timer,
Each team will choose from remaining players for a duel.
Teams will battle each other once.
Game Moderators will decide how many players to a team.
Classes in each team are based on who digs the chests first.


Players can only enter once per character.
If a player enters the event for a second time,
the Game Moderator will announce and take the first PM as a replacement.
If a player is caught doing this, they will be warned and removed from the round.
If a player abuses this, they can be banned from the event.


Winning Team
Epic Coin x 120
Event Token x 2
Supply Token x 120
Perfect Elements x4

Second Team
Epic Coin x 120
Event Token x 1
Supply Token x 60
Perfect Element x 2

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