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sage/demon Soul of Silence

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I've been thinking quite some time to make this thread but i dont cause i know i will get a shitstorm of how bad i am how op psys are and i should learn to play and how pwi trash i am.
Well i dont care ^-^
Atm soul of silence is barely any annoyance to anyone unless the psy camps white voodoo and def weapon gears and even then an aps sin or a mystic can easily kill.
After 1.5.1 with everyone running with 100+ attack lvls any psy in black will die without soul of silence even proc once so i think it should be considered letting us get sage/demon one
Let the flame begin! :police:

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I agree to this +1 from me  :smiley:

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Don't think it would be any game breaking change , so why not.
Alot of classes had some small changes/boosts implemented , so +1.

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nope -1

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It is annoying as fck already though.
No lies psy vs psy 1v1 that zhit will proc every damn time your 1 hit away from killing the other lol.
Still gonna +1 cause i main a psy and im bad and need any help i can get  :tiger-43:
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+1. Every EA in the world gets around it with will surge that can be spammed every 30 seconds anyway :(

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Im a psy


...but yhea in black psy is paper(and i think this is kinda how it should be) unless you are camping all def items.....and that makes being in black kinda pointless(low/medium damage and still defence on the low side).People will curse at this and psy will embrace this and mentalista will claim victory as his own.

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Wow, Mentalista didn't comment yet. +1 Psys die too easily.

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+1  at least give them fight chance

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all psys on epw are @*#$ anyway so ye w.e LOL
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yeah , +1 psy is really weak atm

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Every class on epw should have all their demon/sage morai/primal skills available

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-1 because I want to keep easying cynix noki and tmoih


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