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Ornaments against BM

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Quite frankly, this is what gets me killed 95% of the time. My belt and necklace.

Against BM's I don't know what combination of ornaments to use that will give me maximum defense ability as a barbarian. I am APS, so naturally I am squishy, and with 17 defense levels (4.0 base R8 Wrists) I'm even more squishy than I was before I got the triple int wrists.

Most BM's use a elemental pot for extra damage, and use dual magical ornaments since they can spam bell for the Pdef they desire, this isnt the case for me.

Do I use, dual Mag orns? 1 Pdef, 1 Mag orn, or dual Pdef. I used one of each combination against Subzeroo in 1v1 and I am indecisive.

Does the +wood pot truly make a huge difference in damage? Feedback is much appreciated.  :police:
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you used ds neck. just say gf in a 1v1 without making a forum post about it. idk if its a troll or not. either way i laughed.

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nobody is upset here (unless you are?), its a genuine question since I dont know

(and i did say gf every round, not mad bro) lel spare me the buttardism of feeling accomplishment from someone else's winnings

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I don't anything about barb but i do know aps should be pdef ornas. Also engraves matters, so does the stats on gears.
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Quite frankly, this is what gets me killed 95% of the time.

maybe u just nub Josh  :))


Can't you switch to tiger form for pdef and resist getting stunlocked in human with fortify?

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I'd recomment you having 1 Elemental Ornament vs BMs cuz of the wood pill. While i was testing around i found that i take with dragon wep standing 300 dmg average less than i take with full phy ornaments. 2 Elemental ornaments made me 2 much paper vs phy dmg unless i camp tiger with def lvl. For vs WBs same story goes, 2 Elemental ornaments make you take 2k more dmg when you get furied cuz of our insane phy atk, 2 physical ornaments make you take around 1.5k more dmg cuz wood buff and fire pill, 1 physical 1 elemental always seems to somewhat balance the scales so in my oppinion i'd stick with that.

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Well like you said most bm use pots fire/ wood and in my expirence use 1 mag/ 1 phy it's. The reading why is becuase barbs can go tiger form for the extra ph def just like a demon bm can spam aura. Although the dmg MAY not change much it's the best route to take . Barbs have tiger form and invoke to help out with the def but like I said not much . If you are not a barb that invokes xD it won't matter 1 of each I think is best try to get +20 str on each rather than dex. ;)
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uh? 1x pdef and 1x mdef(because of wood/fire pot)? I'm not even barbarian or something but slave healer and suicidal wf so you could try and say if it works.  :rolleyes:

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Its better to use 2 P.def ornaments against WR with elemental damage pill imo. This may not be a part of your question but against WB/Sin which can have 2 Elemental damage I prefer using these 2 Options : 1 Pdef / 1Mdef or 2 Pdef (Damage taken difference from the 1st option is only a small difference.) WR would take time to kill a WB since WR damage is low and you, WB can actually go tiger or use SS. Only time you'll get easied since you are a 3x int WB is when you get caught not using Def weapon. And i think most of the WR you fought are actually randoms with no Pdef ornas.. Average skilled WRs would actually used a pdef ornament imo.

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