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Happy birthday,Anorexic/Alexandra!

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La mulți ani,proasta dracu'!/Happy birthday, Alexandra/Anorexic ! I've known you for 3 years, we've been friends for one year and a half, we've never had any fight. Maybe we were a bit distant towards each other for a while but I hope that won't ever happen again. I hope you'll have a good day !
I hope this wasn't too gay..
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i would like to have sex with you both xd! jk ily  :smiley: ^-^

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Happy birthday ma'am  :-[

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never replace your guild with randoms

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noob only know birthday.... happy birthmass
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happy birthday pula  :-[

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La multi ani/Happy B-day puta de vie.

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la multi ani alexandra  :monkey-4:

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Happy birthday BRO Alexandra  ;)

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La mulți ani,proasta dracu'! ;3 hehe xd Anor so oldie amagewdie xD hiehiehie is she legale? ;)) freshie target for edatie guys xDDD!
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