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Random 1v1 video by random ea

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Didn't really have the energy to edit past what I did

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Nice video meng.  Solid 1v1s

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The part vs Subzeroo was entertaining to watch.

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Nice video Wally , some good 1vs1's . Keep it up buddy
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Online Ma boy :3

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Not bad about music at all , its good vid also its stajson school XD
Volim teeee Araaaaa <333333
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You know I had lagg, right?  :'(

Jokes aside, I encountered you in Allies Camp, and I admit you're my favorite archer in this game since then. Nice video.
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ty ty

@riel wanted to make special edit for the round where I accidentally 3spark heirobugged but was too lazy so I just cut it out

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Good video wally, strong ea gameplay  ;)


Nice vid and good 1v1s  ^-^


Nice video, not sure if Sub was too good with those stuns or your forti was off timing thou, but apart from that, thats some legit shet right there.

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True, very goodo ea. Thats like x10 better than Soochi  :police: :police: :police: Noisy approve this EA. (y)
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