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Happy Birthday Beloved!!!

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Happy BIRTHDAY Beloved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :normal-15: :normal-48: :pig-4: :pig-8: :pig-48: :tiger-23: :tiger-48: :monkey-23: :monkey-48: :monkey-47: :monkey-50:

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Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good one.


Happy birthday christi sweety!  :tiger-48: :tiger-48: :pig-4:

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Art by the lovely Dendoora 

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Happy birthday! Enjoy your day! :)
:tiger-40: QUACK QUACK QUACK :tiger-40:

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"He said he photographed the things he loved, but he never took a picture of me."

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Happy birthday! I hope you have a great one filled with everything that you wish for. :3

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Happy Birthday Christi  :normal-23:

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes! :normal-23:

This day will surely not go to waste and be filled with plenty of blunts, Peach Schnapps, Fireball Whiskey, and (most likely) bad decisions.

#420blazeit #ayyyy #allahusnackbar   :normal-25:
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Art by the lovely Dendoora 

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Happy birthday, Christi.

Edit: Wow, nevermind about second part.. Apparently I'm still living in January because of all THE SNOW. Fricking Texas.