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in need of a signature and chibbi

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Hello I'm looking for a sign tell me prices please everyone seems to be closed so I'm sad ;( but hit me up on game FishBod or skype juan.castro1975

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will post on this thread since didnt want to make one simmilar to it.
so everyone seem busy or closed QQ ,since is summer and so but anyway
if any picture art master is free and is willing to do some great work please let us know.  can\t wait for it cus all of u are great. :tiger-23: (sometimes i just stay on forum just to look at  siggies and signatures xD)
waiting for answers ,ty 

Revenant was here :3
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I need a sign too  :tiger-8: with a pretty please ,waitin' for a message! 

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Astralis her shop is open for signature. She wants ec in return but no fixed price atm. I suggest you go message her.
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