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How to kill own guild with pms :(

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These people in my guild are using some special skill to kill me.. with words (in 3 days she gonna lose her merit).


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i like title more than vid LOL

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Gm Ban Mari Guild Mate Killer

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:tiger-40: QUACK QUACK QUACK :tiger-40:

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At least you didn't drop anything... oh wait.

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Hahaha great vid, you should have seen her braggin on squad chat about it xD

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Noop, who doesn't bank his obc?  :pig-47: :pig-47:
New guy using this character.

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                                    #rekt                     #rekt


                     #rekt                    #rekt
#rekt                             #rekt

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Thank you, Echo for the avatar and Leo for the sig.

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Shekh ma shieraki anni anha zhilak yera norethaan.
Shieraki gori ha yeraan.
Torga sani jalan qoyi, sorfosor nakho vosecchi.
Me nem nesa.

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