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It's been a long time since I made last video, just felt like sharing some music+record some pk, was using new program for editing, sry if something wasnt right.Haven't been playing for long either, so I might be in lack of usual gameplay,sry for that too  :-\. And about title, I see everyone is playing with words in past few months, forum battles are equally important as PK itself from what I've seen, so here you go. Gotta admit my music is OP  :police:

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Good video noob. Was fun pk

Art by the lovely Dendoora 

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Where da hell you always find thes dogs I am jelly m4t3, fak ju! Pk was fun we tryed to stand aginst army but mission failed :( many our ppls were off for school,work uni will be better next time =DDDDD
Volim teeee Araaaaa <333333
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:tiger-40: QUACK QUACK QUACK :tiger-40:

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Yesssssssss pedja gotta admit it music is good heartbeating so much with full Volume,
on topic was awesome pk lastnight great video  :normal-25:

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6:35 u bad boy. Best CC Squad ever  :normal-2: gj guys and rly nice vid  :normal-42:

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Idol Dendrus is back but i believe that SoG per Second is real :))

Nice video myy idol wcb

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otresio si nas brate
Ubi nas kao beba zvecku da si ti meni zdrav i ziv , imao sam osecaj da imam srcani napad kad pedja dolazi  :sad:
Volim teeee Araaaaa <333333
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Dobra muzika sine moj

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missed all the fun :sad:      good vid and nice music pedja

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I saw my plants so thank you for grand opportunity to be in video, sir.  :normal-4: