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Ok there have been a few threads, and nothing seems to be happening. Here is another proposal, like the HA classes are able to get accuracy on their r8 reforges. Maybe make it a possibility for LA classes to have this too? So for example, a CT ea can have 2x chan + accuracy instead of dex/str/chan as 3rd stat.

Just a suggestion no hate pls.

Please dont say this will unbalance the server...cuz it wont!

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-1 cause ppl would need to reroll their gears if they want more acc.... maybe lower the -chan on the blessing to -5% and add 20% acc or so
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I'm tired of these. Good suggestions were suggested first and nothing was done, what makes you think an inferior suggestion would be accepted? '-'

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i will make the next ea's accuracy next np
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delete EA's from game


delete EA's from game
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