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Artifex Vs Warning + HO PKAYY: Assist Attack - SHINIGAMI


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Artifex vs Warning + HangOver  07 Feb 2015

My first big pk after a good few months of break from the game and i only caught the last 20 minutes or so of it :(
Rusty + Tired gameplay at 6 am in the morning.

Enjoy.  (Sorry about the few screen freezes, renderer fcked up!)

^One of my ladies ;)
~EPW life is officially over, getting married in RL soon ! thank you for some great memories friends~

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Nice Video Labs welcome back sir ^-^

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good video bro
was super easy pk
look at worming become below Hawteez lvl
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Great video .au, looks like I missed this pk.

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Great video .au, looks like I missed this pk.

Forgot to tell you how good it was  :'(

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Great video, OP music. 10/10.  ;)
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:tiger-40: QUACK QUACK QUACK :tiger-40:

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Great video Labs , sadly i missed this PK  :normal-12:
Enemy EA's die quick LOL , that last sig tho... Good nukes , damm  :normal-35:

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Finally an Artifex video..
Nice vid i think  :P :P :P

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good video bro
was super easy pk
look at worming become below Hawteez lvl

LOL Hawteez AHAHAHAH you mean exotic level.

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Good video, was entertaining. Welcome back!

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Welcome back Labib and nice video xd!

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Lucy my lovely wifu! <3