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TW Ducks VS ThaClicK 07.02.2015

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Very long and strange TW or mass dc ftw!


was nice tw also close :D
gf TC

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Super long and close TW Ducks. Was a lot of fun!! Thanks for the fight ;)
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Long but fun TW, tc did a good job CCing -  i have never seen so many stuns and seals on me lol
Close fight!
Nice video =)
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Nice video and music, was really close TW  :-\


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Niceee !! yea haha, this was one hell of a TW. Both crystals hanging by a thread at one point haha, i don't know if it was a server wide mass dc or what, but half the cata squad on Ducks side DC-d near the end :(. Had fun playing a friend's char. on this one.

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think server 1 and 2 crashed once, then many dc followed ):  fun TW tho
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Offline Ivan

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Was a very fun tw considering the numbers and a not so fun dc at the end when we were doing the final push  :'(
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[shadow=red,left]Fun TW..[/shadow]

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[shadow=red,left]Fun TW..[/shadow]

Agreed fadlazzy!
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That feeling when u should be winner before DC(95%)

Cant even imagine that was  "unexpected" down of serv ;D

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Was a very fun tw considering the numbers and a not so fun dc at the end when we were doing the final push  :'(
But thanks for the funz!
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