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2v2 Reflex Event Info.

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Due to popular demand I am bringing 2v2 Reflex event back, originally hosted by Ruin. Small changes but overall the same event.

After the event is announced, PM the hosting GM with your CLASS only. You must be 150 with full r8 to enter.
The first 16 players to PM will be ported. This is class dependent. 
After the GM ports you, do not move from your stake.
The person next to you is your teammate, squad up with them.
No team will consist of a single class.

Rules for fighting:

- No 3 spark
- No buff pots(shining pill, blinking poultice, spirit of assault, spirit of defense)
- No Ironguard Powder, all other pots and chocolate are allowed
- Maximum stealth time is 8 seconds
- There is NO countdown for fights. The stakes with be labeled with colours, a GM will call the colours of two stakes and those teams will fight
- If hosted in Etherblade Arena - No flying while fighting
- No rematches

Side note; 'My team mate was AFK' is no excuse, this event is about reflexes as much as fighting, your team could be called at any time.

Other rules for all that enter the Arena:

- No spamming the chat
- No obsessively complaining about AFK teammates
- No PK around the event


1st place; 750 ec, 2 event tokens, 90 st

2nd place;  500 ec, 2 event tokens, 60 st

3rd place;  300 ec, 1 event token, 30 st

The event will be held in Etherblade Arena, this means spectators are free to come, however anyone who disrupts the event or ignores anything the GM says will be banned for 30 minutes or until the event is over or the GM Arena, depending on how the GM feels.

Offline Chocolate

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Bump. Read the rules.

Offline Chocolate

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