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Artifex Fair PK ( Same numbers )

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Video from today's earlier PK at Sundown, only recorded the 2nd part, since this PK started randomly ( we didnt RG or anything , squads were also not the usual as you can notice on my own).

Speed of video is 1.5 , not 2x as usual.

Highlights 06:21 and 12:18 , hope you guys enjoy the video + music, and keep it classy pls.

never replace your guild with randoms

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What's mine is yours and whats yours, well i've probably already had.
Maybe an uncle, grandpa, grandma, ex gf, highschool teacher, Walmart coworker, McDonald employee, your dentist, dying sister, mom, dad, the crackhead around the corner, your edates ex, you ex edates ex edates boyfriend,  sister's cousin's cousin's dog, father's uncles grandmother, your weedman, coke dealer.

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Pedro...bro...why you steal best eps.. :'( :'( :'(
Anyway great video and I really loved the music  :normal-25:


LOL " get fcked " bm guild leader..

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100%zerk crit rate day, nice video pedro
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Snertastic video, Sner.

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Strong video. Strong chair. Strong Sner.  ^-^


Nice video as always Sner. And good music  :smiley: ;p

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nice vid and pk, too bad i missed it   :sad:

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  • great one
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I prefered not to go so enemy doesn't die as fast  :rolleyes:
good video  ^-^
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I prefered not to go so enemy doesn't die as fast  :rolleyes:
good video  ^-^

What a nuerd.
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Good I didnt log to that pk, or it would end as fast as areashi drop in pvp... I let you guys have some few free kills, np Artifex :)))))))

Almost good video, would not watch again hah noob mg xD
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:tiger-40: QUACK QUACK QUACK :tiger-40: