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Tradable Supply Tokens

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[shadow=purple,left]I don't know if it was already suggested and I'm to lazy to check it, anyways as the title said I'd like if St's could be tradeable.
It would open more ways, for those who doesn't get enough st's from Nw or are to lazy to do bh etc, to get st's and get engraves or their gear. And it would be another way to get more ec and shiiit lol xD
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+1 to this...
even allowing them through account stash would be nice.

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Not gonna happen, ever, not even through the account stash. would demolish the current market.

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The items you can get with supply tokens are quite rare, such as Event Tokens and Weapon Skin Tokens. There are ways other than NW to get ST in the end and they should be semi-rare. Also as HealerTid said, it would have a negative impact on the economy.

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They are already easy enough to get. You can get 30+6+6+5+10 from quests every day.
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-1. Has been suggested and turned down billion times.

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There is so many ways of getting them , just no. Would lower down even more plenty items on the market, and do no good to the economy.