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Looking for all active players any level and class to join our faction! We have a base, site, and we use Raidcall. Some of us also play League of Legends so you may even meet new League friends in here. We are looking for loyal players to help us grow and are looking forward to rewarding our players as soon as we have enough players to do so. Also we are planning on doing TW/WS/BH/FSP/Events/DS/and much more!!! Pm me in game, SnowFlakeZ. Otherwise apply at http://golddigrz.epwps.gd.shivtr.com/
The Cliffs of Moher

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Hello there Heavens Tear.
Good Luck here GD -  gonna be using that op pickaxe+12 icon again? always loved that XD
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GD from HT here  :normal-10:  :tiger-16:?
Well gl with your faction

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 ^-^ Gl with your faction!