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Nice job, both video and gameplay have improved a lot since the last time I've watched them  :normal-42:
And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually...

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aww ruthless afk spot, i miss sigging there, its so pretty.
nice vid too ^^
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Nice video bro and I thought u don't aps xD

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You're terrible, your opponents are even worse. Terrible quality too, but that's not your fault. I think the music was the only positive thing about this video, and even that...

Even though I may come off as rude I'm just being sincere instead of saying good video like everyone else because you're not gonna become better that way. Just keep practicing and I guess you'll eventually get better. However, you still have a very long way to go.

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In my head i'm going "wow how is he attacking so fast with axes?"

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You need to learn how to stunlock lol

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thanks guys ^^ and ive only been doing aps for about 2 weeks + most of these fights are more from that first couple days

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professional alpha killer good good and strong also

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good improvements , and the music was pretty good

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saw 3 spark in thumbnail = No


looks like we have Robbert in original form L3L BADDIE


nice fights but i can still beat u and did it twice ;p

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