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Lvl 130 gear stats (or Arena gear stats or whatever you may want to call it)

Offline Morgana

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I would like to know the stats of 130 gear, I'm needing certain ones that will give me most interval and defenses.  But, unfortunately I cannot see the stats at the forge so I don't know which has the best stats for my char.  It would be totally awesome if someone could post the stats for the lvl 130 gear (HA and/or LA preferably).  I know that making the armor will show you the stats but I don't want to waste mats on crafting a piece of gear only to find out its not the one I need.

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And which class are you?
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Offline Agatio

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Best builds would be:

For BM / Barb:

HA armor, legs, boots
LA helmet and wrists

For archer:
Full lvl 130 LA set

or for heavy build with another -.05 int:
LA armor, helmet
HA legs, boots, wrists

Offline Morgana

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Thank you Agatio :) and I am a BM :)