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Welcome to our new GM

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a big welcome to our new gm Fall i hope you''ll enjoy this server and have lots of fun ^_^
> http://epicpw.com/profile/?u=27851
i couldnt find any other topic about this so just pointed it out

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He/she is really new, so that's why there aren't any threads yet, I guess

Anyway welcome :normal-3: weird-named GMs we have :normal-10: says dead

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Welcome, welcome.  O:-)

I wish you a lot of fun but also a ton of patience when you deal with problems, questions and drama.

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Congratulations on GM and Welcome

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Welcome New GM Fall  ^-^

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Welcome GN!  :smiley:


Welcome! It's nice to meet you. <3

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welcome GM Fall, hope u have a lot of fun and patience here c:
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