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I regret to inform our wonderful population that I am stepping down as GM. You guys have truly made this last 20 months interesting haha. Thank You for letting me help this wonderful server we have. I will however still be around a bit but due to real life obligations I can no longer put in the time needed to ensure I'm helping you the way that I could and should. Thank you once again! I'll never forget the time I got to spend with helping, laughing, crying, and heck some times even babysitting this wonderful community we have. and a HUGE THANK YOU to Agatio and Glut for taking a chance on an unkown girl from nowhere. I've really enjoyed working with you. To the rest of the staff, I luv you guys to bits an pieces and keep up the damn fine work. Peace, luv and much Respect! see ya around the PK corner  ;)
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Omg! I will miss you so much! You helped me a LOT so thank you so much for everything. You're awesome and I wish you the best of luck with everything! *hugs*  :monkey-48: :monkey-23: :monkey-29:  :monkey-13:
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Well hopefully you'll still have fun (assuming you play as a regular member or come back) and that everything goes smooth for you in the year 2015. Thanks for being here, Night.
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<3 Night.  You're awesome.

Stay Classy.
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:cc Sorry to hear about you stepping down. Your professionalism when it was called for was a breath of fresh air (not saying being chill is a bad thing either). Thanks for the time you put in to game. And I hope things with your real life go well. n.n

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See you space cowboy.


See you Gm <3 Have a nice journey. :)

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Enjoy your life. Hope everything goes well for you.

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GL Addy qtie  :-* I love you and i hope you have sucess in your life.  :normal-23:  :normal-29: :normal-25:

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Good luck with your life Addy, hit me up on skype whenever you're around  :sad:
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Good luck with everything!  Don't forget to send me maple syrup  :normal-23: :normal-23:

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Good luck Addy, u need to teach me your fighting ways...
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