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me and about 13 other players are active, we got ds event, we plannin tw, and we participate in pvp and farm alot. I pay officers for recruiting members and we hold faction events yes. Not only these things but i personally help people get r8 and recast/reroll it. Ive geared maybe 14 people so far helped them receast, and i dont remember how many rerolls ive handed out due to merits.

I hop for on your end: you e 130+, active, doing base quests when you are able. I do not require talkative players but i do require people understand. If people are online but not talking much just look in roster and pm them. its easy to get a fac chat goin and keep it goin. I cant be expected to talk all the time in chat.

Make Spirtal your home today lol. just no drama queens also, if u have drama or beef pm me im the boss man i'll talk with you and help you out.

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Goodluck master dpH warrior :p

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Oh wow that sounds like alot of work for you. And very generous.
Just be aware of jerks and make sure your generosity wont be abused.

Good luck with your faction, sounds very nice ^^
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O my.....
True dedication, I can't be angry at.
I wish you best of luck, when I'm leveled and caught up I'll consider your guild.
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Good luck with the PVE STUFF  >:D :)) :))

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Good luck with your guild, good sir.

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Good Luck On Your BRAND NEW GUILD!

I hope to see you in pk soon brother!

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I like the choice in name. Good luck :)

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Good luck with your faction.

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omg thx for the support ur all very cool <3