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 :P Well i had a Small idea on getting free Cubi Gold,
Like i would sugest to get 0.75 Silver Each hr  u are online  :'(

 :shocked: Dun shoot me its an idea  :rolleyes:

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  • easy game
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that would be too much xD i -1  :sad:

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-1 for multiple reasons
♥ ♥ ♥


Great idea, let me just create a few accounts to abuse it and get rich with doing nothing but leaving my pc on

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  • sux
  • not doing commissions pls do not ask

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did it took you long to think of this

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Where is DrakeX pc power....
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No, if we did then there'd be people keeping 234357 accounts online just for that.
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never replace your guild with randoms

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Hell no, endlessly afk mains and alts
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Shieraki gori ha yeraan.
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Me nem nesa.

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The current method is fine, and it also helps promote the server.
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