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Twilight Chests

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Hi. I'd like to suggest increased number of Twilight Chest opening per day since atm number (which according to EPW Support Room is 50 or 60 they weren't sure) to be increased, if not to infinite at least to 100. I have over 1k chests opening through 2 chars i farm on which is wb and sin and they are literally impossible to run out from. Please Agatio increase number of Twilight Chest openings per day, I'd say something if EC's were in there, then i really understand it but Dragon Blood Stones and FS Coins? Come on you can do better than that, if you do, thanks in advance. Peace.

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Would be very handy.
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+1 useful suggestion.

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I actually would like to get rid of those. +1

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well i dont mind either way but 1+

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+1 do it before x2 pls  :normal-1:
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+1 or make an npc where you can open them in stacks. Like, exchange 1 Twilight Chest for 1 Dragon Blood Stone or 15 Twilight Chests for 1 fsp coin.

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+1 I still have a lot.