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Lag Issues

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I've been lagging so badly ever since I updated my patcher with the currect patch, and i wouldn't be complaining if it wasn't a daily thing, i get such low fps and ping/delay issues and it isn't due to my computer, i have a custom made gaming computer that can handle extreme games on the highest graphics. Any ideas why?  :monkey-12:

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epica 1  650 ping went to epica 2  170 ping

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Same here it isnt my net or computer either, some servers have been having such high ping for me lately. Im sure your not the only one.

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I'm happy to know it isn't just me, it just gets so laggy or delayed i can't even farm or help with pk qq

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I have no issues with ping for the most part. No issues at ALL with frame rate. And I have a toaster! lol

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Pretty sure it's not the server,i have a normal laptop and i can run 6 clients just fine (with like maybe 300 ms max?) sooo yeaaa...not the server im guessing cuz then i'd be laggy too?? O.o also i did ares on 3 clients at the same time yesterday so.. ._. ???


i've been getting the same problem for like, a week now. i was and still am lagging without reason, my pc is fine so is my internet(cause i checked it alrdy) so it would be good if u guys could fix it.  ^-^


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Yeah...it's recently that I've been giving incredible delays and weird amounts of ping. Please look into this, it's affecting gameplay and making it..suck. ):  :-X

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