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☆Outcasts PK "Well Done"

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Sooooooooo.... Here we gooo..Lambo Mambo  ;)
Enjoy my friends

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Good video again tho, pk was fun also. Gj ;)
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Too bad i missed it, great video.


LOOOOOOOOOOL THE ENDING, I WONDER WHO THAT IS  :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: :police: u are true man not afraid of pixel deaded like certain elf archer who makes lot of video L3L0

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nice video and good music 8)!!
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Well Done Bro That was fun pk...I think Radikala is better than Radikala ^-^

Nice Video

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Came here to see noob Outcasts. I was not disappointed.

Good video, Anima ♥
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Nice music+video.
Dat ending. LOL


Nice video was fun pk

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Look what i fucking missed yesterday..

A Same number pk , fk my life

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First music is meh, second part of the music is better. lol Good video though.  :smiley:   ;)
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Look what i ****ing missed yesterday..

A Same number pk , fk my life
Never online. Terrible PT lead and terrible marshal, uninstall game.
Even though I wasn't there either..
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Nice video & music ^^
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