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EP PoV - Artifex vs. Warning&Ruthless 09/12/14

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-Two Steps From Hell - Strength Of A Thousand Men [Instrumental Core Remix]
-Laszlo - Here We Are

My first video. Enjoy.

May take a moment to go 720p.

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Ina next youtube star wow  :normal-25:

I like your video and the music, actually first time i saw someone with skill bar up there, interesting.
Hope you record some more, i've always enjoyed EP PoV  :normal-35:
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Awesome video Ina, ep pov best.  :normal-25: :normal-23:

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dat skill bar placement doe. Nice video :normal-25: :normal-25: :normal-25:


Nice Video+music  Ina
its Really easy when ur in pt xd

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not bad for first video, not fan of music, but if u need any help with videos feel free to pm  ^-^

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not bad for first video, not fan of music, but if u need any help with videos feel free to pm  ^-^
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Nice video but resolution could be better ^_^


Nice video Ina!! ;) Cleric power!!!!!  >:D <3

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Good video and amazing pk. Can't wait till I'm finished catching up on school
and passing my finals, then i can come back and enjoy pk with you all again ^-^

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This ep is good I think

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Thanks for all the positive feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Don't hate on my skillbars, it's just my own thing that i got used to over 6 years of perfect world.  :-X

If you have any advice about better quality/resolution then let me know even though i doubt that it would get much better since this is my actual screen resolution.  :-[
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Star wifey best u xDDD ;333 c; <3