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My brother Solomon i think you are best squad leader

Enjoy guys  ^-^

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Music so emo I almost fell asleep, but nice video and fun pk, ty.


Emo music bro  :-\
Strong gameplay xdd destruction  :normal-1:

Offline Σѕĸιмo

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Ohhh my Goddd, that music is sleep-worthy.

Anyways, nice video. TW was ez. And ty Arti for pk.

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Looked fun overall. Looked like a one-sided pk, but who knows, maybe it's one of those battles that never happened. Some people just can't accept defeat. Good video fren(music was bad like me xddd)

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Brother i think momo#1 squad leader anima #1psy and Yolo #1 bm , GJ bro it looks like an easy and i was not there LOL


Good Video+Music
 its amazing how u flew up and just took a sig to sz while battle was going on ^_^
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9:31 Soochi indestructible back from the dead #god #HPcharmisforpussies #GuildForcedMeToTakeEPbuffs, was fun pk, too bad rev wants to win badly and pedro wants to have "fun" polar opposites :( was fun OC, but the uninvited guests were annoying  :'(, nice vid, psy need nerf jk jk calm all

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Not really fond of the music, but nice video.  :P
I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

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Animassacre is best psy bro that ini... ;D

Nice nice Video ;D


nice one man, music was okay, pk was fun but wrs are so spammed lately in pks  :normal-32: kills fun in it
(not that i get stunned much but still) ^_^

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Was a fun pk good video.

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nice video, arti ea pt died so much even while having 6 wrs to cc you. lol.

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Good video Good Pk bro  :tiger-8: :tiger-26: :tiger-3: :tiger-42: :monkey-35: :monkey-42: :normal-42: :pig-42: