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bye i [rage]quit


nobody cares bla blah i'll be back when pk isn't just a bunch of.... [move][shadow=red,left]sadstupidpatheticnerds[/shadow][/move] people claiming to be not number reliant and pking to make some random guy mad. Also when there's more guilds that could engage mass pk sessions without having to have 50+ people and when they don't, they get called "backstabbers only" "goodfornothing noobs" "come gvg me with mai 80 people you come with your half a pt see who wins m8 i'll fok you m8". When a guild doesn't absorb 75% of the server and doesn't spam the wc for about an eternity b!tching because nobody wants to feed their useless ego giving them pk.

Imiss the old times, this server's so monotonous already, you already know the outcome of every pk even/tw before you engage on it, good thing an expansion is coming. anyway bye

I'm go live a meaningful life away from you asses, BYE. Dont bother replying untill 2k15 is well started since it will be probably when i come back to see this site.

sorry for useless thread but I just had to say it all before i went away bb.

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never replace your guild with randoms

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Apollumi#1 champions 6-0 TW 23 weeks record winning DT (7 minutes fastest in the history of epw)

when you and 3 other guilds losing to apollumi and need to find an escape

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You need edate for meaningful life... goodbye...

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I'm sorry if I ever demolished you with earthen rifts, one hit you with rising dragon strikes, but farewell brother.. I hope you will find peace elsewhere, good luck on your endeavours.

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Forever in love

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Artifex = 65 at pk
Enemy ally = 100

65 = 75% server
100 = 25% server

bye ___J___


Good bye brother
Just Reminding Artifex 1 Guild only had 60-70 ppl against 5 guilds : ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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I love it when people say that they don't care... and then they write half a novel about how much they don't care.  ^-^

Anyway, enjoy your life. Take care of yourself.

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Good bye brother
Just Reminding Artifex 1 Guild only had 60-70 ppl against 5 guilds : ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

 dude wtf Dons and Salva ur ally ??? xd liar

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aw wtf bro lol xD aw you should stay in game, you was maked a big difference in pvp xD. I think if you stayed in game Artifex would disband because of sht gameplay + only know numbers+ only know skype signet for 1 pt of players + are nothing without their star player (Doflamingo XD) and we would all join faktions like DraGOnes, Overseers, ArtOfWar, and Virtue lol c ; .

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Artifex = 65 at pk
Enemy ally = 100

65 = 75% server
100 = 25% server

bye ___J___

that math only works if you seriously assume that everyone that is not in arti or allied with arti works together vs arti. which they usualy dont.

To the op: take care  :tiger-36:
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