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Switched back to demon hue.

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"This video is not available in your country. " You might need change songs to make it work.
Lucy my lovely wifu! <3

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blocked on my country :/

nvm works now

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Nice. And finally not Silverpool.

The General

Thanks for the kind words.
I would also like to thank the 2 people who instantly disliked my vid.
Also a big shoutout to Gandalf for spamming me with Perfect Match messages during PK. (Still waiting for that friend request bby)

Video might be unblocked now in most countries since i filed dispute but not sure.

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This video is good I think.  It appears that my team was victorious.

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Enjoyed watching, good music.

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good job my #1 ga7ba  :normal-4: :normal-4: :normal-4: :normal-4:

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5-0 confirmed, Apollumi the greatest guild made world record destroyed Tyrants in 8 mins in TW

Apollumi only EU guild to ever destroy Conflate, most individualy skilled guild 1 apollumi god can destroy 2-3 Conflate/Tyrants/Any other guild noobs with ease. Kings of DT and Mass PK.

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a good video, enjoyed watching it

The General

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Was doing pve or afk watching tv, then got yelled at by Noki

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Terrible sq member,kick plz :p

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Was doing pve or afk watching tv, then got yelled at by Noki

Noki would never yell. He's such a shy person.