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Happy Birthday bro! I don't like you, don't forget to whatsapp me your info before you get bombed..

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merry christmas beginning wr  ^-^ :D :P :-* O:-) 8) ;D :)) >:D :police:

I've taught you so much you grow so fast  :'(

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Happy Birthday! Have a great one.

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FK U Rev I wanted to make this thread!

Happy bday Momo!  :normal-8:
Shekh ma shieraki anni anha zhilak yera norethaan.
Shieraki gori ha yeraan.
Torga sani jalan qoyi, sorfosor nakho vosecchi.
Me nem nesa.

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Happy birthday, Momo the flying lemur. *-*

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عيد ميلاد سعيد  :police:


happy bday bro
november boys best  :normal-48:
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Happy birthday Lemon.

[20:49:27] Lenara: wawe
[20:49:31] Lenara: happy birthday noob
[20:49:43] Solomon: ty xd
[20:49:53] Lenara: i hope you burn in flames xd

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happy birthday greatest person i've known  :normal-48: :normal-48: Allah bless you brother


Happy birthday Solomom  :normal-4: