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Hush - Yesterday's pk

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That was good pk   :pig-3:

I like the quality of your movie :normal-42:

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[19:02:31] Pedro: i almost aquired cancer + ebola from this music tiffany ..
[19:02:40] Tiffs: good
[19:03:14] Tiffs: next time i'm puttin barbie girl remix

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Refreshing to see wf gameplay for once, nice one Tiff.  :normal-48:

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That resolution  :normal-10:

Strong video Stronger lead

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 Looks like fun pk , nice vid Tiff  :police:

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  • 展颜
  • 最好的

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Nice video, enjoyed good PK. Looking forward to more.

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hi give me track name @ 11:20

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chipmunk recording, amazing.
Nice video and editing, music wasn't bad, surprisingly, expected one direction, justin bieber and nicolae guta from u  ;) :normal-2: :normal-10:
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Good video and actually i did like this music

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That resolution  :normal-10:

I know right O_O I just sat here starring in complete jealousy hehe

Really enjoyable video, good work  ^-^
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good pk thanks 4 recording and finaly some veno game play good video

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Nice music+gameplay tiffany :)