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1st video I guess.
Sorry if its choppy, I have a shyt pc, still getting use recording/editing/etc. Didn't bother to block out chat either.
Next one will be better :*
I no post for ego, jus some decent 1v1's I had, since I don't see any other mages 1v1ing other than the ones in xp  :normal-3:

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  • great one
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Do you have negative fps
Good video blackie

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good video bro your mage moves remind me of someone  ;)

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Do you have negative fps
Good video blackie

Yes bro, I get new pc soon ;)

good video bro your mage moves remind me of someone  ;)

xdddd  ;) ty idol

Nice Video Brother

Ty brother.

not bad

When is mage lesson bro  ^-^

Great video.


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nice montage bro i love it, idk about music i always mute black's music cuz it mostly turns out to be rap so nty

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Nice Album brother! !

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Nice video , allways good to see new perspectives, specially mage game play .
Good 1vs1's by the way.
never replace your guild with randoms

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Great video. Welcome to the media section, fren.  I enjoyed watching.

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Art by the lovely Dendoora 

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Nice video swinky dink.

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2-2 easy noob

Good video <3
Slightly Inactive.