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Warning PK ~ My first video

Offline Gya

  • Characters: Gya / Eva
  • Faction: Tyrants

I finally found the courage to make my own video. I hope u like it ^_^

Offline realTired

  • great one
  • a lion doesn't concern itself with the opinion of sheep
Decent, not a fan of the music tho. And also could use some fading between video cuts

Offline Mrs_Keileena

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  • Characters: Mrs_Keileena
  • Faction: Warning
7:35 Gya turnin on por.. movie xD Good good keep going  :normal-42: wanna see more xD

Offline harp

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Awesome video great music and perfect example how pro AA looks like. Even if target is under attack Gya still checks each 2 secs if party leader doesnt change tab. Decent ea i want mooooore videos!

Offline BriEsT

  • Don
  • Characters: Snipps
  • Faction: Freelancer
 I like ur music , not bad vid .

Offline PedroSner

  • Tyrants slayer
  • Characters: PedroSnore/ Snerd
  • Faction: Apollumi Leader
Not bad for a first video.
The music killed me a little bit tho lol
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Offline Praelium

  • 展颜
  • 最好的
And also could use some fading between video cuts
^ this.
But yeah nice video n alright music.

Offline niceKawK

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  • Characters: wiseKawK
  • Faction: #t69
Good OP focking magnificent VIDEO Master !

Online Σѕĸιмo

  • Sweet ♥
Great first time video. Music was nice. Your screen reso looks so tiny though. >.<

Offline Nyx

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Very fun to watch, good work  ^-^
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Offline Animassacre

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  • Characters: War
i think you are an tryHard brother, but nice video

Offline TeGeS

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  • Characters: TeGeS
  • Faction: Team69/Warning
Not bad :P You playing wisely in Mass ;)
Dont teach me how to play my char, coz i already know that...

Online IceNiki

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  • Characters: Charlize
my awesomeness approves 8)

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When human transcends, and time and loses its meaning.
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