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Happy Birthday Index (Raul)


Happy Birthday Brother We wish u an awesome bday From Arti :D
Personally for me, meeting a Friend like you was the best thing :)
I wish you all the best mang :3  :police:
Best RO/Italian I ever met :D
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Happy Birthday!!!

Best wr <3
I know when I give you chi wont go to waste (unlike when I pass to Zirk)

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Happy birthday stranger!

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Happy birthday pasta boy. :normal-4: :normal-23:

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Happy Birthday Nub!!!!!

I hope its great and you eat lots of pizza :3
Go get fat <3

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TY Leonora for sig ♥


happy birthday stachio sir hope you have a good one, invite for pizza party :)

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never replace your guild with randoms

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Do you need to open a thread about this, can't do it on  Artifex's forum?

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Happy Birthday Sir :smiley:


Do you need to open a thread about this, can't do it on  Artifex's forum?
Yes I need to because he is my friend, And you Don't own the EPW forums.

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I don't say Happy Birthday to ugly dumb ROs. But, you're not ugly so, Happy Birthday.

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What's mine is yours and whats yours, well i've probably already had.
Maybe an uncle, grandpa, grandma, ex gf, highschool teacher, Walmart coworker, McDonald employee, your dentist, dying sister, mom, dad, the crackhead around the corner, your edates ex, you ex edates ex edates boyfriend,  sister's cousin's cousin's dog, father's uncles grandmother, your weedman, coke dealer.