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This 1 vs 1 is fake FT Subzeroo (Easy)

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recorded for my gringo asian kawaiii ghoul(wanna be kaneki) friend.

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Good fights. Looked easy.

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Subzeroo was a student in Jolhans Hierobug Academy, obviously he is undefeated
watch for info:

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is all fake btw this never happend cuz there is now way that Cleaver can loss in 1 vs 1 just saying

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i support u kawaii chan subzero :)

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i think clever let sub win  :'(

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Sub clearly cheated D:

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TY Leonora for sig ♥

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so we all belive that it was easy ?

Subzeroo(PARTY CHAT) the fairy in tt 3-3 gives more challange than him tbh...

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wtf lol im a better bm than both of those lol like i use sword for days and there is no challenge haha xd

i was tell by mani and i best wr on server so u can suck it lol