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Solution for "Textures too high" error


Ever wonder why this pops up? http://puu.sh/cj7mA/affdf69ba9.png

It's because you set your Textures setting to max when your graphics card can't handle it. Click YES to have the patcher.exe file change your settings to the recommended settings, or click NO to ignore it and launch EPW. Once in EPW, hit U and drop your textures setting down a notch to avoid getting it again.

It's NOT harmful to client files at all, though. So you can just ignore it all the same.

HTH <3

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Useful information.  I've never had this pop up before myself, and I wouldn't think that a computer built in the past couple of years would have it since PWI is an older game, but for those running on potatoes, this might help.

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Who had that problem in the first place?except you :rolleyes:

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Who had that problem in the first place?except you :rolleyes:

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I have that problem  :normal-12: and I just bought my laptop last year

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I have that problem  :normal-12: and I just bought my laptop last year
Guess you're not very clever for buy weak laptop xD!

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Weak laptop has nothing to do with it. People with integrated graphic card laptop may encounter this problem.