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somthing in wc

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idk really put it where sorry if its in wrong place
its not cool say this things in wc .....
also my bl is full so mean must see this trash talks so i make this topic

if agatio can increase slots of bl make many ppls happy <3
and if this topic is not good gms can delete it  :)


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ty for posting this, i was going to post my SS of htis soon if u hadn't.

Poetic said similar stuff to me 2-3 days ago aswell. Lustrum, was the GM i reported it to, since she was online at that time, and i believe Poetic got muted then.

this is his 2nd offence. against me atleast.  which i got proof of. :o please do something abt it. ... we all cuss each other out from time to time.... all in good fun. but talking abt ppl's mom and such is kinda crossing the line :/

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My mother laughs too, from time to time. She's 76.
Every doctor will tell you that laugh is healthy.


What was the previous part of the conversation?
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This is really not the first time. I'll take care of it as soon as I can come online.

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This is really not the first time. I'll take care of it as soon as I can come online.

Perhaps lock thread and move it? Save it before the trash talking begins