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best teacher in the world

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idk if you have seen this channel .. but this teacher really amazing !!!


he use music to teach his students .. he create song about  his lessons .. so it will be easier for students to understand and memorizing the subjects
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Academically speaking, I would have to say Mrs. Crane who taught both psychology and sociology. She was a short lady, and stout, and woe be to the person that pissed her off, because normally something would be flung across the room and she would tell the sit the fck down and stop being an irritating ass. It was rare, but sometimes the students took it too far. She was the one that introduced me to profiling and relying on intuition as well as how the human mind works.

Worldly speaking it was easily my grandpa: He taught me about the weather, gardening, history, the military and the things that happened while he was in the Korean war.He taught me how rely on my gut, wits, and how to disappear into the background when I knew I was being noticed. He taught me basic military strategy and the most used stratagem was was clearing a room.

Unfortunately, my grandpa is no longer with me, but I promised him that I would own up to my responsibilities and never back down unless I'm outgunned.

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