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Spirit of Assault vs. Spirit of defense.v

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Farming pots in Abbadon is easy, yes, but...
why is the boss dropping so many Spirits of Assault?
Wouldn't it be possible to make 1 boss  for SoA and another one for SoD?
Everyone has got a big stack of SoA pots, which is unnecessary.
Thank you.

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happy gaming and hope you develop spiritually and energetically guys take care always

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There are 2 that drop the pots.


There are 2 that drop the pots.

Three. Puppetter, Mask of Grief, and the last boss (whom I can't spell.)

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I think it's actually fine. Maybe just have the SoD and SoA have balanced quantity drop.

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Drop won't be edited, but these pills will be added to the boutique.

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I did not know that 2nd boss was dropping so many pots.. sorry for bothering, I am not that lazy.

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Drop won't be edited, but these pills will be added to the boutique.

Can you add these pills to the Boutique forge as well? Since they are -full- buffs the price in Elixers should only give you 1~2 of them. Or even require multiple Elixers for a few of the pots.