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Artifex~ PinkieGodPie vs GoodRagequit

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they wanted to pk tw and pk again and this what happend today  ;) GF

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  • How is life this easy?

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Nice video as always,Noki.I really enjoyed it.
However,the speed of this video and that you are fully dressed in pink, reminds me of:
(A combination between this and a pink unicorn.)
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Good job Noki,i really enjoyed watching it.

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I think that was easy, godo video.

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lol elimination casts longer then they last, nice video noki  :police: :police: :police:

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lol elimination casts longer then they last, nice video noki  :police: :police: :police:
wolf emblem aswell.
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Goodjob noki, nice videoz ;)

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  • great one
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Why is this so bright, hurts my eyes

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Nice video Noki, sadly the PK after TW was short. But the previous one was pretty good tbh.
Can you link the musics you used by the way ?? Ty
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Top tier video.  Those archers and wrs just weren't ready.

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Good Video Noki
As Normal ^^

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