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TW Ducks VS Overseers September 27, 2014.

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Was fun and long TW, ty OS.
There is no video from 10:20 to 10:47 idk why :o

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Thank you for  2hr+ tw duckies 
it was great long hard fought Tw lots and lots of fun  cant wait to do it again
For my First time leading Overseers Tw.  I am Very Pleased n Proud of each n very one of Overseer members .
for how we defended n reached the goals that where set in place for us
Great jobs guys n keep it up

Intill next time duckies  >:D
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Ty for the fun Ducks, been awhile since I've been in a tw that long. Was lots of fun ^^  :tiger-4:

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Good job comrade  :normal-42:  What is that FMP  doing in squad there tho?  :normal-37:
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Good job comrade  :normal-42:  What is that FMP  doing in squad there tho?  :normal-37:

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i swear 1 month ago i said if gms made a class with sycthe wud be cool
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I see you had a nice fun at TW ^^
One question: got any grapes? :D

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[shadow=red,left]Nice video, I want to apologize to my squad cos I'm half asleep during the whole time. I even slept in the middle of attacking someone.... >Fail def sqd lead, noob me<

Great TW, Great game from OS, ty! bye!

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thanks for sharing the video bro and ty friends and fellow gamers both inside ducks and overseers for a fun TW

best wishes to both guilds in future

oh and quack apply @ ducks.shivtr.com lvl 150 and R8 for BH/BQ/FSP/NW/TW/PK(i wont be joining there but most ducks pk from time to time)/DS and other events ty

happy gaming have a nice day ^_^

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happy gaming, have a nice time both in game and in real life :)

PS: Like Insanity's ornaments of magic dmg red/def lvls


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Aaaaaaand he waddled awwwaaaay, waddle waddle!!

Thanks for TW, was fun.
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Was waaay too long man
Nice video Flap  :normal-25:
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The revival of the quack army is coming soon.

Good video, looked like fun TW. Also, that song
as the end.... SOOOOOO FUNNY.... LOL.

11/10 cause of duck song :p
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