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you can pick this quest up once per toon from the Harbringer of spring

i searched every where for a guide for this lol so going to make one o.o This is mostly to clear up which quests to take as well as some insight on the quests before hand. (all quests are green)
For the elder of arch it is Martial Competition
For the elder of etherblade it is A game of wits
Answer for the first riddle is sponge
answer for second is wind
answer for third is promise
last one is 4 warriors 3 weapons
For city of lost it is Various transformations
(note this is a timed quest but the coordinates can be found in the quest and all npcs are in lost)
For plume city elder it is winter spirit hunt
mobs for this quest can be found in the sky. they are also elemental but really weak (5 hp) so no worries
To find the elder of tellus go into the orange light behind the head hunter The quest for this one is Tree of wishes just auto path to the flowers and dig them up
The last one can be found from The TideBorn king you can get to him by taking the quest Cloud temple.
Quest name is Under the sea First circle 651.100 2nd circle 672.94 3rd circle 687.100 (the coords can also be found in the quest log) i found it easier to plot the course ahead of time lol

50 supply tokens
230 total epic coins (this is included with the completed quests from the elders/TB king)
201.2k coins

a big thank you to Rankira and JP for the help
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where can i see the tidebornking or the cloud temple?

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where can i see the tidebornking or the cloud temple?

Fly up above City of the Raging Tides.
It's a floating platform.

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