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I tried something new


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I think you trained in hyperbolic time chamber with MajorLeague(Maravich) you put single-player in (easy mode) and played with 1 hand while holding joint on other (420blazeit(Captain Kek)) and made a yoloswag360(-Legend-)

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dude LOOOOOOOOOOOOL how many time did you waste on making this shitt LMAIO

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LOOOOOOOOOOOL OMG THATS  :normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2:
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Hah nice xD I like it xD


:( I rq, name = shamed. Bye.


:( I rq, name = shamed. Bye.
ty all btw  :normal-4: this is srs montage why u ppl laugh  ???

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bro where is the screen shake effect '-'


bro where is the screen shake effect '-'
i said i tried something new, this is good beginning  ^-^